Tour swim among more than 8000 sea lions in their natural habitat in Callao, Lima PERU

9:45 Meeting Time
Av. Jorge Chavez 120 Chucuito, Callao. Next to the ABTAO submarine museum

Departure to the islands. 30 Min (+- 15 min) for control at the port, payment and incidentals. Fee Payment for the protecction and entrance to the natural reserve Guanera islands
10:30 Start the adventure
Starting ther tour to the islands of Callao. At first we observed the anchorage of yachts, warships and merchant ships in Callao bay. During the trip we will go by the low or sand bank  "El Camotal", open sea "Mar Adentro".We passed the island of San Lorenzo, rich history that comes from pre-Columbian times until today. We see fishing boats, various colonies of guano birds and Humboldt penguins.
11:30 Swimming with sea lions
We arrive at the farthest point, Palomino Island, which houses a large colony of sea lions (Sea wolves), where we can swim with neoprene suits with freedom among them, thanks to the absence of predators, is an unforgettable moment full of emotions.
12:35 Back to the Port
It begins the return through cliffs and islets of impressive shapes. A snack is served before arriving at the pier.
13:00 Arrival to the Callao
Recommended (NOT included), lunch in Chucuito or La Punta, visit the naval museum, Abtao Submarine or the fortress of Real Felipe.
For people with special conditions and adventurous
We have a speed boat with wheelchair access.


  • Tour around the Callao Islands
  • Boarding fee Marina Club
  • Natural Reserve protection fee
  • Guide in english and spanish
  • wetsuit
  • Lifevest
  • Swim with sealions
  • Snacks / water or juice
  • Insurance while on board


  • Binoculars, warm clothing / raincoats
  • Sun protector, mask, fins
  • Towel
  • Tips

Frequent Asked Questions

How long takes the tour to the islands of Callao?

2.5 hours approximately

What time do they depart on regular departure?

10:30 am, meeting timne 10:00 am

Where do we start from?

"Marina Club del Callao" - Av. Jorge Chávez No.120, Chucuito, Callao.

Where is the port?

Near the ABTAO submarine museum, behind the real Felipe Fort.

Is there secure parking area?

Yes, outside the club, municipal parking.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?

No limits.

7Are there physical limitations for boarding?

It depends on the attitude of the passenger.

How is the speedboat?

Speedboats, 2 for 22 people and 1 for 34 people

Has roof?

No, this prevents dizziness

10 What clothes should I wear?

Sporty according to season, overcoat

11 What else should I carry?

Bathing suit, towel, hat, sun block

12 What is included in the tour?

Safe boarding, standard vests, guided tour in Spanish and English, nature observation, standard wetsuit (small, medium, large) for swimming with sealions, snack, personal accident insurance of "La Positiva".

13 can I got dizzy?

If you follow our recommendation to look at the horizon or the islands, instead of looking inside the boat, you will not get dizzy

14 I can not swim! Can I do the tour?

With the suit and the vest it is impossible to sink, you just have to float

15 How is the tour?

16 How can I do the reservation or booking?

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