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The ideal of Mar In Excursions, is to generate interest for the sea, through excursions that integrate you with the marine environment beyond the line of the beach. This contributes to their protection, avoiding the deterioration of coastal marine areas, which day by day degrade, not by negative feelings towards the sea, but by ignorance and the consequent lack of interest towards the sea.

Meeting time 10:00 am., Departure time from the pier 10:30 am.

"Marina Club del Callao" - Av. Jorge Chavez No.120, Chucuito, Callao.

Near the ABTAO submarine museum, behind the real Felipe Fort.

Yes, outside the club, municipal parking.

It depends on the attitude of the passenger.

Speedboats, 2 for 22 people and 1 for 34 people.

Has roof?

No, this prevents dizziness.

Sporty according to season, overcoat.

Bathing suit, towel, hat, sun block

Safe boarding, standard vests, guided tour in Spanish and English, nature observation, standard wetsuit (small, medium, large) for swimming with sealions, snack, personal accident insurance of "La Positiva".

If you follow our recommendation to look at the horizon or the islands, instead of looking inside the boat, you will not get dizzy

With the suit and the vest it is impossible to sink, you just have to float

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